AASPA is a proud partner with GIBLIB


Introducing a concept of the future... watch the Netflix of medical education! GIBLIB's mission is to to index every surgical procedure in each specialty from expert surgeons at leading institutions around the world and deliver the videos in the highest quality format possible. Watch 360° virtual reality, 4K and HD videos of full length surgical procedures from top institutions and surgeons at the click of a button.

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AASPA is a proud partner with CSurgeries


Created by surgeons for the surgical community, CSurgeries is an online surgical video journal dedicated to creating a centralized source of brief, peer-reviewed medical videos that are accessible to a wide audience, including students and professionals in all surgical disciplines. CSurgeries is useful resource for teaching basic and complex surgical techniques, and a venue where surgical innovations can be shared across specialties.

What Sets CSurgeries Apart?

  • CSurgeries is a free and open resource! Plus, you do not have to be a physician to join.
  • Our peer-review process, completed by an expert panel of reviewers, ensures CSurgeries video clips contain accurate, top-quality content.
  • Published authors receive immediate recognition for their technique. 

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Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety (CSPS)

AASPA is a proud member of the Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety (CSPS)

The American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants is a member of the Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety (CSPS) which began in 2007. CSPS is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with a Board of Directors consisting of two representatives from each of seven professional organizations:

  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA): 
  • American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants (AASPA): 
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS): 
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA): 
  • American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN): 
  • Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN): 
  • Association of Surgical Technologists (AST): 

The CSPS brings each member of the surgical team together to improve patient safety and promotes excellence in patient safety in the surgical and perioperative environment (Reference: AASPA is pleased to have a seat on this council and represent the physician assistant profession.