AASPA works tirelessly to enhance the role of the surgical PA and thereby enhance your career through education, networking opportunities and assistance with professional issues. AASPA also acts as a unified voice on surgical PA issues.

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As a PA working in surgery, emergency medicine or critical care, you have a lot to deal with – patient care, CME requirements, changes in reimbursement rules, increasing job competition and more.

To build your career and strengthen the surgical PA profession, we encourage you to join the AASPA. We offer a unique membership benefits program, including discounts on hotels, travel, shopping, and more. One purchase using this program often pays for a year's membership dues! Many employers will reimburse your dues, and if not they are a great tax write-off.

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What AASPA Does For Surgical PAs

  • Education. AASPA offers focused Continuing Medical Education opportunities and the latest surgical PA information.
  • Professional Growth & Networking. AASPA lists latest job openings, professional assistance and networking opportunities.
  • Advocacy. AASPA presents a unified voice on surgical PA issues to legislative bodies, other PA groups and physician/surgeon organizations.
  • Discounts & Promotions. AASPA offers savings on our CME meeting and an exclusive member discount program.

An AASPA Membership for Every Surgical PA

AASPA has several categories of membership, including:

  • Fellow membership for practicing PAs
  • Resident membership for PA residents
  • Other Health Professional membership for others such as NPs
  • Student membership for PA students
  • Pre-PA membership for those considering a surgical PA career


Graduate of a PA Program. If you are not NCCPA certified, we will require a copy of your PA school certificate/degree. $150 per year or $250 for two years.

Other Health Professional

Other health professionals: non-physician members who are individuals with a degree in a healthcare field, including nursing and other allied health professions. Other health professionals may participate in Association activities and meetings but may not vote or hold an elected office. $150 per year.


Graduate of a PA Program, currently in an approved PA Residency Program in Surgery, Critical Care or Emergency Medicine. We require a letter from your Program Director which certifies your residency position. You may hold the membership category of resident for one year only. $80 per year.


If you are even moderately interested in Surgery, Critical Care or Emergency Medicine then you need AASPA membership. AASPA membership is a great way to improve your resume, especially if you are applying for a surgical or emergency position. You must include your school and date and month of graduation. Membership is valid until your graduation date, so join early! $75 through graduation. For PA School groups of 25 or more, a discount is available at $65/student ($10 savings per student). 


Although only graduate PAs and PA students may "join" AASPA, as a college student interested in the PA profession you can make a donation to AASPA. In return you will receive all of our publications, invitations to our meetings and a letter to include in your PA Program/CASPA applications. It is exciting to see how many "AASPA Pre-PAs" are becoming fellow members. $75 donation.

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International PAs & PA Student

You are warmly invited to join AASPA! Complete the FELLOW or STUDENT application and submit online today. Be sure to list the program you graduated from or currently enrolled in.

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